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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the answers to the main questions we are asked 

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How can I order?


As the covers and accessories are all custom-sewn and fully customizable, it  You have to contact me by email, chat or phone so that we can study your accessories project together. I could advise you on the colors, the assortments and the different options.

You can also complete a quote request with the desired accessory.

If you want an accessory for an instrument with the original dimensions, I will ask you to give me the dimensions of each body of the instrument (length and diameter at the widest point) and provide me with a photo of your instrument.


What if what I want doesn't exist in the store?

Contact me and we will work out what you need together. 

atelier de confection le petit Vitrezay Paris


What is the production time for the accessories?

The average production time is 3 to 5 weeks , sometimes less.

During the holiday season, orders are stopped at the beginning of December so that they can be processed for Christmas.

For any order requiring a deadline (birthday gift for example), thank you for specifying it when ordering.



How much do the options cost?

The “piping” option costs an additional € 4.

The "embroidery" option depends on the length of the pattern requested and varies between 6 and 12 €.

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How is the settlement going?

Payment is made after your order has been shipped. No deposit is required, except for orders exceeding 200 €.

When sending your order, an invoice will be sent to you by email, with bank details for payment, preferably by bank transfer.

You can also send a check.

For foreigners outside Europe, payments are made by PayPal.



5.shipping costs

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs include packaging (tissue paper and reinforced envelope or cardboard package) and postage at the current Colissimo rate.

Examples of prices for sending a medium format bag (flute, clarinet, oboe for example)

- € 5.95 for France 

- € 12.90 for Europe 

- from 28 € for International outside Europe

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